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Third Party Liability Insurance for Foreign Vehicles

Get Third Party Motor Car Insurance when holidaying in Mozambique.

Our Third Party Motor Car Insurance means one less queue to stand in at the border. The insurance agents at the border can't always be available to cater to your motor car insurance needs. It is illegal to enter Mozambique without your third party liability motor car unsurance certificate, so you may end up wasting valuable travelling/holiday time waiting for an agent to issue the certificate.

Additionally, you can also avoid being harassed by the "border assistants" wanting to help you to obtain insurance, by making certain you have all the relevant car insurance documentation before you leave. You wouldn't want the bureaucracy of paperwork dampening your holiday plans.

Hollsure - Hollard Mozambique's Compulsary Third Party Motor Car Insurance is available at:

  • The AA - Automobile Association of SA - Stores across the country

  • Outdoor Warehouse -all stores across the country

  • Scuba Scene - Lynnwood Bridge - 012 368 1437

  • LA Promotions - Lyn Adams 083 588 0217

  • Brent Oil Garage N4 Highway, Nelspruit - 013 752 5006

  • Mozambique Tourism Bureau, White River - 013 750 1733

  • Sasol Garage N4 Highway, Komatipoort - 084 800 7467

  • BP Filling Station N4 Highway, Komatipoort - 082 222 7357

  • Smit Garrun Brokers, Tzaneen - 015 307 5587

  • ZC Pretorius Brokers, Louis Trichardt - 015 516 5620

  • Turnkey Travel, Tzaneen - 015 781 1037

  • Arle Brokers, Phalaborwa - 015 781 3921

  • Lowveld Camp & Gas, Hoedspruit - 015 793 2200

  • Total Garage Kosibay, Manguze - 035 592 0648

We issue your insurance certificate in advance at the same price as at the border. Or use the online option which is even more convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it compulsory?

  • Mozambique does not have an Third Party Road Accident fund as in other countries like South Africa.
  • In respect of foreign registered vehicles the Mozambican authorities need to be assured that if any liability is incurred by the use of vehicles on their roads, there is a Mozambican registered insurance company that will assume any liabilities incurred on behalf of the insured.

What does the policy cover?

  • Hollard covers the insured for any third party liability that might be incurred in Mozambique caused by or in connection with the vehicle described in the certificate of insurance.
  • The cover extends to both:

  • Death or bodily injury to any third party other than to a person employed by the insured or arising from the course of employment or if the person is a member of the same household as the insured
  • damage to Third Party property, other than that property that belongs to the insured.

Why Hollard Insurance?

  • Hollard Insurance Mozambique is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hollard which is the largest independent insurer in South Africa.
  • Hollard provides a broad distribution base and a wide product range backed by focused expertise.
  • By using Hollard, you will be able to stay in touch long after your holiday or business venture into Mozambique is over.

How long is the period of insurance?

  • The certificate is valid for 30 days from the day that you enter Mozambique

What is the limit of liability?

  • Unless otherwise stated, the liability of the company under this policy in respect of any one occurrence shall not be more than R 1,000,000.00

What is the excess amount?

  • In the event of a claim under this policy there is an R 1000.00 (one thousand rand) claims handling fee which is payable to Hollard Insurance Mozambique.


Mozambican law requires that if you are towing a trailer, a boat, another vehicle or are being towed, the towing vehicle must display a blue and yellow triangle on the front and the vehicle being towed must display such a triangle at the back.

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